… to WinAbu Consulting.

WinAbu offers senior executive support, help and interim management services to businesses and their owners.

WinAbu works hand-in-hand with and for clients to deliver the change that’s needed. We go beyond just Advising – we join with the team to get the job done.

WinAbu provides clients with a range of services including senior management expertise, hands-on strategy development, operations improvement, financial management, and can be commissioned to deliver specific projects.


WinAbu’s Turnaround & Improvement Service is for clients who are experiencing a period of upset, or whose business operations are in need of turning around, refreshing, or are considering a move in a new direction.

WinAbu works with clients who want change – whether it’s an operational improvement in profitability, strategic repositioning, or preparation for trade sale – WinAbu works with clients from the inside, hand-in-hand with owners and management teams to deliver the result.


WinAbu’s focus is on helping management teams assess their current state, work out and choose the best option, design a plan for that option, and will stay to get it done.

WinAbu is that extra pair of hands that gets things over the line. It’s the external validation of the plan. It’s the business partner with the actual experience you need to call on, at your moment of need.


WinAbu Consulting’s Principal is John Eager, who has a strong pedigree in working with businesses to bring about change, and in delivering results. He has a track record in successfully managing work environments through periods of upset and in leading business turnarounds and improvement projects to better outcomes.